Modeling Membrane Desalination for Produced Water Treatment

Sponsored by the Texas Hazardous Waste Research Center

Combined transport and water quality modeling of integrated forward osmosis and reverse osmosis membrane systems for treating oil and gas produced water from shale plays in Texas.

Structure-Property Relationships for Polymer Films by Molecular-Layer Deposition

In collaboration with Dr. Marissa Tousley, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Identification of structure-property relationships for polymer films fabricated from monomers with different characteristics using solution-based molecular layer deposition (MLD). The work advances solution-based MLD as a facile technique to achieve monomer-level control in thin polymer film fabrication.

Quantifying Water-Extractable and Alkali-Extractable Fractions of Organic Matter in Texas Soils

Sponsored by Texas EcoLab

Quantification of the water-soluble fraction of organic matter in Texas soils, which is an important measure of soil productivity to support wildlife habitat, farming, and ranching. The water-extractable fraction of soil organic matter is correlated to the more conventional alkali-extractable fraction to enable a better understanding of existing soil organic matter information.