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Devin L. Shaffer

Principal Investigator

Devin Shaffer: Overview

Dr. Shaffer is a researcher and engineer with a focus on membrane separations for water purification and for chemical separations. Currently, he investigates new membrane materials with tailored separation properties for applications in membrane distillation to treat high-salinity brines, desalination to purify drinking water, and membrane reactors to capture and recover contaminants.  He employs novel fabrication techniques like layer-by-layer assembly and characterization techniques like neutron radiography and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy to gain insight into the structure-property relationships that influence membrane performance.


2018 - present

Assistant Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Houston

2016 - 2017

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Materials Science and Engineering

National Institute of Standards and Technology

2011 - 2016

Graduate Research Assistant

Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Yale University

2003 - 2011

Professional Engineer

Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Phoenix, Arizona


Ph.D., 2016

Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Yale University

M.Eng., 2003

Environmental Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.S., 2002

Civil Engineering

Oklahoma State University

Devin Shaffer: Research
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