Shaffer Lab

The Shaffer Lab at the University of Houston studies materials and systems for water treatment with the goal of creating new sustainable water supplies for resilient communities and ecosystems.



Research Interests

  • Structure-property-performance relationships for dense and porous polymer films

  • Membrane separations

  • Polymer films resistant to fouling and mineral scaling

  • Water quality modeling in engineered and natural systems


  • Treatment systems for reuse of produced water from oil and gas operations

  • Fouling- and scaling-resistant membranes

  • High-recovery inland desalination

  • Wastewater recycling

  • Decision support tools for water resources management


  • Solution-based molecular layer-by-layer assembly of polymer films

  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

  • Surface chemistry and topography characterization

  • Membrane performance testing

  • Fused-deposition modeling


Contact Us

UH Civil and Environmental Engineering 
4726 Calhoun Road N107
Houston, TX, 77204

dshaffer @